Merrimac Ferry & Merrimac Segment

On Sunday, Jared, Penny and I took a ride (really 3) on the ferry!  The Ice Age Trail crosses Lake Wisconsin on the Merrimac Ferry.  We parked at the wayside on the Columbia County side of Lake Wisconsin and crossed over to the Sauk County side.  Penny was not a fan of the ferry.  I … Continue reading Merrimac Ferry & Merrimac Segment


Sauk Point Segment and Devils Lake Segment

Today we hiked the Sauk Point and Devils Lake Segments. We started at the Parfreys Glen parking lot. Last week I bought a new pack from REI with my dividend and 20% off coupon, and today I finally got to try it out. I was a little unsure about how the waist belt felt at … Continue reading Sauk Point Segment and Devils Lake Segment