Montello to John Muir County Park

Today’s hike started where yesterday’s left off at the Kwik Trip in Montello. Jared and I hiked with Jessa, Nick, and their dog Dane. Jessa hiked the Appalachian Trail this year and Jared heard about her hikes and followed her progress through the podcast. Jared invited her to join us on the Ice Age Trail. … Continue reading Montello to John Muir County Park


Westfield to Montello

Another gray day and another road walk on the Ice Age Trail! There was possible snow in the forecast, but luckily we only saw a bit of something icy on the drive to Westfield. Today’s hike was another hike where Jared and I hiked against each other. Jared dropped me off in Westfield near the … Continue reading Westfield to Montello