Kewaunee River Segment

Yesterday's hike consisted of the Kewaunee River Segment, which was on the Ahnapee State Trail.  We originally thought it would be a 10 mile hike, so I decided to take Penny along.  Penny had previously done 8 miles.  She's 9 and has had surgery on both knees because the ligaments in her knees ripped.   … Continue reading Kewaunee River Segment


Algoma to Kewaunee on the road

Today we did a 14.5 road walk starting in Algoma and walked south to Kewaunee.  Before leaving Algoma, we stopped at Piggly Wiggly to get something to drink.  After checking out, the cashier asked if we were biking.  Jared said no we're hiking and I said we're going down to Kewaunee.  The cashier said ok … Continue reading Algoma to Kewaunee on the road