Camp 27 to Wood Lake

Day 3 of hiking was a shorter day, only 9 miles. (Yes only 9 miles, but we drove 2 hours to hike that.)

Last night we camped at the Rusch Preserve near Rib Lake where the Ice Age Trail and Timms Hill Trail intersect. Timms Hill Trail is the first trail to be recognized as a national scenic side trail. There were three walk-in sites and a water pump. This area had quite a few trails that you could ski and snowshoe on in the winter. After packing up we headed east to Wood Lake County Park where we left my car and went farther east to start the hike. We started at the end of the Camp 27 Segment. We had a 2 mile road walk and then trail for the rest of the hike.

Our first segment was Timberland Wilderness (another Timberland segment, how confusing!). It was a sunny day and we finally had some nice weather. My photography group challenge for the week is Wanderlust and I think I got a good picture.

The next segment was Wood Lake, and we did a little less than half of that segment. At some point in this segment, we crossed the Lincoln and Taylor county line. There’s a sign on the tree marking the line (if it’s right). The terrain was rolling and not too difficult, but I was feeling tired and was ready to be done the closer we got to the end. I picked up speed that last two miles and walked quickly to get done sooner. The closer we got to the campground and park area the nicer the trail got. There were some nice boardwalks and the trail got wider and better maintained.

We finished at the beach parking area and my car was even parked right on the trail! We were pretty far ahead of Todd, so Jared and I waded into the water. The water was cold and the wind was cold too, so I didn’t go all the way under. If it had been nicer, I would have swam around. We ate lunch and after 45 minutes decided to go get Todd’s car.

On the way back to the park a turkey ran out of the woods and ran ahead of my car for awhile and then started flying in front of me and weaving back and forth across the road. I had no idea if it would stop or hit my car so I had to keep slowing down. The dumb thing finally flew towards the tree and landed on a branch.

With this weekend’s 43 mile total, we are down to 67 miles left of the Ice Age Trail! We have one 53 mile chunk that will be completed in two weekends and a 14 mile chunk that ends at the Western Terminus at Interstate State Park.


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