Hartman Creek and Emmons Creek Segments

Spring continues to arrive in Wisconsin and it is really nice! It was a warm and sunny day today. Penny hiked with us and I’m sure she wished it was a little cooler.

Jared dropped Penny and me off at an Ice Age Trail parking lot along 54 west of Waupaca and drove the car to our end point. He drove the moped back to the spot he left me. It was right by Turner’s Market, which has good sweet corn in the summer. When I worked at camp we got corn from Turner’s and it was so good you really didn’t need butter. This parking lot is probably the first place I encountered the Ice Age Trail, that I can remember. When I worked at camp, I would take 54 from Waupaca and pass the parking lot. I remember driving by and thinking “There’s a trail, I wonder where it goes” and then once I had driven by a few times I’d think “There’s that Ice Age Trail, I wonder where it goes? Is it a long trail or just a loop?” Maybe I had encountered the trail before that, but I don’t remember. Once I moved to Oconomowoc and found the Ice Age Trail at Lapham Peak, I remember thinking “Here’s that Ice Age Trail, it goes up by camp, how long is this thing.” At some point I was at REI, saw the binder with the maps, and bought it. Those maps are the ones I’m currently marking my progress on.

We headed south on the Hartman Creek Segment. The trail had some slight ups and downs, but compared to the Northern Kettle Moraine that we did on our last hike, this was pretty easy. We came upon some water after half an hour and Penny jumped in right away. She loves splashing around in little creeks and rivers.

Our next stop was at an erratic, which is a rock or boulder that differs from the surrounding rock and is believed to have been brought from a distance by glacial action (definition from the google dictionary).

We stopped for lunch to give Penny a rest in the shade and then soon started on the Emmons Creek Segment. About a mile or so later we came to Emmons Creek, and of course Penny jumped in again! She was pulling on the leash right away when she saw the water. She went in many different places and then found some muddy water and ran around like a crazy dog.

Today I wore my new hiking skirt from Eddie Bauer. It’s actual skorts and not a skirt because it has shorts underneath. I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not, but the nice thing about Eddie Bauer is that you can return things after using them. It was pretty comfortable and cooler than my regular hiking shorts. I will definitely use them again and I think I’m going to get another pair.

The mileage total for the day was 8.3, which is shorter than normal, but it was too warm for Penny to do more. We have a total of 17 miles to do in this area, so since Penny is along we’re splitting it into 2 days. We had considered backpacking this weekend, but due to the chance of rain tonight we decided to get a cheap hotel room that’s pet friendly.

We got done pretty early and checked into the hotel by 3 in Stevens Point. Jared decided he wanted to go to the Brick Pit House for ribs in Rosholt, so we did that and ate in a park along the river. Next we drove back into Stevens Point and went to Belts’ for ice cream. I forgot how ridiculously big everything is. I got Jared a medium in a dish, Penny a junior in a dish, and a small flurry for me. Jared said his was too much. Penny had a size perfect for her, and she didn’t quit until it was gone. I had a flurry with puppy chow, which was really good.

Tomorrow will be a cooler day, which I’m sure Penny will be happy about. She’s zonked out on the hotel room floor.


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