Milwaukee River Segment to West Bend Segment, AKA Hiking to Culver’s!

Spring has finally arrived!! The day was warm and sunny (warm may be an understatement for some people, but in Wisconsin after the winter, a high in the 50s is warm). I didn’t need long sleeves at all today, not even this morning! Penny came along today with Jared and me. At times I think she thought it was a bit warm!

We started east of Kewaskum and finished the Milwaukee River Segment. This section was still in the Northern Kettle Moraine.

Part of the segment goes through some fields, and we saw a few sandhill cranes! I was able to zoom in on my camera and get some decent pictures. The segment switches over to the Kewaskum Segment along highway 45. There is a tunnel under 45, but it was flooded, so we decided to cross the road. I had packed my crocs for the water crossing, but I really didn’t want to change shoes. Penny decided to splash around in the ditch a bit. She always has a burst of energy after playing in the water! The Kewaskum Segment goes through the Sunburst Ski Hill area, and we walked right along the tubing hill. I said that it would be kind of neat to be hiking the trail as people were going down the hill for tubing. The hill still had a decent amount of snow from the snow making. Penny loved rolling in the snow and frolicking around. This will probably be her last time playing in the snow until next winter, at least I hope so!

We had a short road walk and then got to a short segment, the Southern Kewaskum Segment. This segment runs along the power lines, and there’s a spot with a huge puddle. Jared planned to change shoes and walk through it, but I still didn’t want to change shoes, so I attempted to walk around it and found a route where my feet stayed dry.

Our last segment of the day was finishing up the West Bend Segment. The segment traveled through the Glacial Blue Hills Recreation Area, which had some nice glacial features. An esker was marked on the map of the Mammoth Tracks app, and it was a pretty neat esker. The spot where it was marked on the map had a very narrow point at the top, so it pretty much sloped down on both sides of the trail.

I was feeling pretty tired by this point. Between yesterday’s bike and hike and today, I was about ready to be done once we started the West Bend Segment. The segment crosses highway 33 in West Bend, and it goes right behind Culver’s! We had left Jared’s car in the parking lot this morning, so we didn’t have to travel anywhere to eat something!

All throughout the day, my GPS watch was giving really bad heart rate readings. For a majority of the time it said I was in the warm up zone, which is zone 1. For about an hour I had a rate of 85-95 which is totally wrong. Tonight while at the grocery store, my heart rate was 103 as I quickly walked up and down the aisles. I know I have pretty good cardiovascular ability, but there seemed to be a problem.

Yesterday and today I used my new Goodr sunglasses. I bought them from the running store and really like them. I usually hate wearing sunglasses because of the way they fit and feel, especially when my face gets sweaty. These are way better than other sunglasses!

With today’s hike I finished another county, Washington County, and earned another patch – the Meander the Mid-Moraine. Jared and I are done with everything close to home. The closest area we have left is Hartman Creek near Waupaca. We have 101 miles left! I can’t believe I am almost done!


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