Milwaukee River Segment to Parnell Segment

I did a 14 mile solo hike today where I completed Fond du Lac County and Sheboygan County and completed all segments of the North Kettle Moraine Hall of Kame hiker program! (Fond du Lac County is approximately 7 miles, so it’s not a huge accomplishment, but still fun to say I completed another county!) I also decided that my favorite segment(s) of the Ice Age Trail are all the segments in the Northern and Southern Kettle Moraine. I really like how hilly the segments are and all the ups and downs. It takes a lot of effort to do these sections and it’s not always easy, it’s hard sometimes! It feels really good though to get to the top of a steep hill. The scenery is also really neat and there are so many glacial features (including eskers!).

Jared and I hiked against each other today. He dropped me off at the highway 28 parking lot east of Kewaskum and I hiked. north. He and Todd then drove to Mauthe Lake Recreation Area and left Todd’s car in the parking lot. Jared and Todd went farther north to Butler Lake where we had started yesterday as hiked south. Todd did about 7 miles.

My hike started a little after 8 am. A lot of birds were flying around and tweeting and the sun was shinning through. It looked nice in the woods. There wasn’t as much snow as yesterday and it wasn’t muddy yet since it was still early and cool. All day as I traveled father north the snow increased. I saw a few people, but not too many. After climbing one hill, I had an overlook and could see Sunburst Ski Hill in the distance. The ski hill had been making snow, so it really stuck out! As I passed shelter 2, I saw that it had an outhouse, so I stopped to use it. The shelters sure are nice. It’s like glamping but in backpack form. The outhouse was an actual outhouse and it even had a toilet seat. This was much nicer than many other backpack sites. About a mile later I got to the Mauthe Lake parking lot and 3/4 of a mile later I saw Jared.

We stopped and had lunch. It was pretty warm out, much warmer than last year. This time I remembered to ask for the keys! I didn’t need to add on any extra miles.

I continued along and had more ups and downs and views of some lakes. It was pretty uneventful, but enjoyable to be outside hiking. The hike ended on Parnell Esker and a view of Butler Lake. There was a great sign at the parking lot explaining eskers, see the photos below!


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