Tug Lake to Turtle Rock

It’s still winter in northern Wisconsin! Today’s high was in the mid 30s, it was windy, and there was 5-6 inches of packed snow in some areas. Our hike today was in Lincoln County north of Merrill.

Jared and I drove one car today, so we walked against each other. We did our route in two sections today. Jared dropped Penny and me off at Tug Lake County Park and we walked west. One big surprise at this park was that the pit toilet was open! You don’t find too many open toilets in the winter. This first section was all on the road. There really wasn’t anything interesting along the way. We met Jared about 3.5 miles in. Jared took Penny back to Tug Lake and I continued west. Part of the route was on state highway 107, which isn’t too busy, but had more traffic than the other road. This road walk ended at New Wood County Park. Once again I found another open pit toilet! 2 in one day! I headed back to Tug Lake to pick Jared up. On the way there, I are my lunch. For some reason today I was really hungry.

After picking up Jared, we headed to the Turtle Rock Segment, which was west of the Wisconsin River. We didn’t need to do the Turtle Rock Segment, but we needed to start there and do the road walk. Jared dropped Penny and me off again and we went east on the road, crossed the Wisconsin River, south along the river and then got onto the trail near the top of the Grandfather Falls dam system. This section of trail is the Grandfather Falls Segment. The trail was icy in spots, and I was glad to have my spikes. Penny was not too happy about a few places that were really icy. We met Jared at about 2.75 miles and he took her again. It was easier for her to do more of the road walk. The trail ran along the Wisconsin River and at times there were spots to step out and view the river. Last year part of the dam system was updated because it was no longer efficient. The trail had been closed for awhile due to this update, and I wanted to wait until it was done to do this section so that I wouldn’t have to walk on the road. South of the update, they had an old tube along the river that you could walk through. It was pretty neat to see it up close. The Grandfather Falls Segment ended at New Wood County Park, so I found the car in the same place it was last time.

Today’s mileage total was 10.35. Last night I bought a new GPS watch, so I used it on today’s hike. It was interesting to see my heart rate. I’m interested to see my heart rate this summer when I’m doing more strenuous sections of trail.

**Edit: Once I got home and looked at my mileage total for the entire trail, I realized I broke 900 miles with this hike!!!!


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