Slinger Segment to West Bend Segment

March in Wisconsin can be muddy and we hiked through a lot of mud today! Penny, Jared, and I hiked in Washington County. We started in Slinger where Jared and I left off in January. Today it was nice and sunny, but a bit windy. There were a lot of people skiing at Little Switzerland as we walked by.

The Cedar Lakes Segment starts at the north end of the Slinger Segment and crosses highway 41 near a kame. A kame is an irregularly shaped hill or mound made of sand and gravel. Soon after crossing the highway we got onto actual trail rather than the road. The trail had some icy snow and we ended up putting on cleats. We passed another kame, the video shows the kame. You can see it sloping up and down. The trail traveled through a corn field, and that was really muddy!

The Cedar Lake Segment ended and we had a 5 and a half mile road walk to the next segment. As we walked under some trees, I thought I heard a robin and then I saw it! Spring is coming! We walked near another kame that people used for downhill skiing. With the ski trails on the kame, it was a lot easier to see it. We stopped for lunch at a wayside between Big Cedar Lake and Little Cedar Lake. It had some picnic tables and my map has it marked as having water. I saw a water pump, but didn’t try it out.

The road walk took us to the West Bend Segment. The car was parked here, but we decided to go a couple more miles. I continued to hike with Penny and Jared took the car to another parking lot and walked back towards me. We met about halfway and he gave me the keys for the car. While on this trail I came to an esker that had a sign explaining it with some good pictures. This section of the trail was very muddy and it just got muddier the farther along I went. Penny didn’t seem to like the mud after awhile and was trying to avoid it. The mud was like walking through cake batter. Penny and I got back to the car at Ridge Run County Park. Penny was so muddy that I used my car blanket to wipe her off. She jumped right in and was ready to rest on the ride home. We went to pick up Jared at the start of the segment and then head home.

By the time we got home there was a big muddy spot on the hammock on the back seat. I was hoping a lot of mud would wipe off in the car, but Penny was still really dirty, so I had to give her a bath. This is the second weekend that I needed to give her a bath.

Today’s total mileage was 11 and I’m about 2 miles from breaking 900!


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