Valley View Segment to Cross Plains Interpretive Site

Another short day of hiking in Dane County! Jared, Penny, and I hiked with Todd again. We started today at about the middle of the Valley View Segment west of Madison. Jared, Penny, and I had done part of this segment last winter. It was a sunny day with strong winds. With the bright sun and blue sky, the scenery looked extra neat and colorful.

It was so clear that at one point we could see Blue Mounds in the distance. The trail was a bit icy in spots and after awhile Jared and I both put on spikes. The trail ended in a ritzy neighborhood with ridiculously massive houses. Once out of that neighborhood we traveled on country roads to the Cross Plains Interpretive Site. There were some very large hills that would be a good place to train for hiking the Appalachian Trail. It also got very windy on top of the hills, Penny really enjoyed the wind. Along the way, we passed an old lion bubbler. As we got closer to the interpretive site, we noticed signs for Dane County Parks. At the site, we met a trail volunteer who does quite a bit of building and planning for the trail. He said that they were working on a new section of trail that could be done by next year.

Today’s hike was just under 5 miles and a good way to spend a Sunday morning. It also left time for doing some adult responsibilities in the afternoon. (Yuck)


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