Cross Plains Interpretive Site to Ice Age Trail Alliance

After a month or so off from hiking, we got back to hiking today. Jared, Penny, and I hiked with his friend Todd. We started at the Cross Plains Interpretive Site, which doesn’t have any official trail yet, but we did see flags for future trail. Hopefully they will add this in soon. We traveled northwest to Cross Plains and the Ice Age Alliance. The hike was all on the road, and we traveled past some pieces of land that were marked as state park. Someday there most likely will be real trail on this land.

After a few minutes of hiking we passed an old root cellar or spring house. I needed a picture for my photography group that fit the theme “take cover”, and this worked out well for that.

Penny was happy to be out walking, but it seemed like she was looking for the trail. She glanced at us a few times and it was like she thought we were in the wrong place. We passed a farm with many cows standing near the road, and Penny really perked up. I think her herding instinct was kicking in.

Upon arriving at the Alliance, we had hiked about 4.3 miles. It was a quick easy hike and we had lots of time to do other things the rest of the day. I bought a neat shirt from REI with a bison on it! Then I went to one of my favorite coffee places, Dunkin’ Donuts! Once at home Penny took a nap outside, then came inside to nap on the couch. It was a good day for her too!


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