Slinger to Pike Lake

We woke up this morning to lots of fog, a huge change from yesterday! We had stayed at a hotel in West Bend, so we ate the continental breakfast. There was a good selection to pick from, one of the better continental breakfasts I’ve had. This hotel also has a working hot tub that we got to before it closed last night! We’ve had so much hot tub bad luck, and we finally got to use one!

I woke up with my knee hurting, so I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go far. We left Jessa and Nick’s car at their ending point near West Bend, then drove to Slinger. They dropped us off in Slinger and drove to Pike Lake where we ended yesterday and stated hiking north. We hiked south towards Pike Lake.

The trail goes right through Slinger, so the segment was named the Slinger Segment. We started about in the middle. The sidewalks and roads were a bit icy. After leaving town we got to a short portion of trail that also was icy. The Slinger Segment ended right at highway 60. We had to cross highway 60 at a place where it is 4 lanes. This is one of the drawbacks of the Ice Age Trail. Sometimes the road walks connecting the segments are on less than ideal roads. My knee hurt all through the segment and the change of terrain from road to trail really didn’t make a difference.

The road walk was short, about .3 or .4 if a mile. We then entered the Pike Lake Unit is the Kettle Moraine State Forest and the Pike Lake Segment. The trail had a bit of snow on it and a good amount of ice. The ice made me walk a little slower because I was worried about my knee. Jared and I put on our spikes and it was so much easier to walk on the ice. We carried them a total of 16 miles so far during the weekend, it was time to use them! A little ways down the trail we met up with Jessa, Nick, and Dane. Dane was very happy to see us. He’s such a sweet dog! Last night he jumped over on our bed and snuggled with me while I wrote my blog post. I got to experience what it was like to have a dog that likes to snuggle! It was great, I really wish Penny liked snuggling, but she despises it! We got the keys from Jessa, chatted a bit, and continued on our way. The downhills we the hardest to walk down because my knee hurt the most during that. For some reason I decided to try walking sideways in a crab walk. I led with my right foot, my left knee was the one that hurt. It made a huge difference to walk this way down the hill, but I couldn’t do that for too long, it felt a bit awkward! We saw a few groups of people on the trail, but not too many.

We completed the Pike Lake Segment and finished with 3.45 miles. I decided not to reshuffle and add on more miles because I didn’t want to go farther on my sore knee. It was really disappointing to have such a short day. I would have preferred to do the 14 miles that Jessa and Nick had planned, but there’s no way I would have made it. This will be my last hike for a little while due to some other unrelated medical things, so hopefully with the break and doing the PT exercises that I will be back to normal when I do my next hike.


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