High Cliff State Park

Jared, Penny, and I hiked the Red Bird Trail today at High Cliff State Park. Penny needed some exercise before we left her at Mom and Dad’s house for a few hours and then a car ride home.

It was windy and cold, but the sun was out. Penny was very excited to be on a hike. She loves the cold and wind! By the end my toes and legs were cold. Part of the Red Bird Trail is a cross country ski trail in the winter, so we weren’t supposed to be on that part, oops.

At one point we came upon another person and dog, and then I realized there were three deer running through the woods. They did stop and look at us. You could see the steam coming off of them. We didn’t see any other people on the trails, but a we did see a few cars drive in and around the park.

Near the lake, we found a Travel Wisconsin selfie sign. High Cliff is one of 10 parks that has one of these signs. On the back is a spot to place your phone or camera for a group picture. We decided to try it out. For more information visit Travel Wisconsin.

When we got back to the car, I looked at Endomondo and found out we had hiked 3 miles in an hour. I didn’t realize the trail would be that long or that we had been out there for an hour! Even though it was cold, it was still nice to get outside!


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