Tuscobia Segment

Our hike today was a short 5 miles (but it didn’t feel short). We had originally planned to do 10 miles along the Tuscobia State Trail, which is also the Tuscobia Segment. Before leaving the hotel, we decided to do half of the segment because we didn’t know if it would be hard to walk down the trail with the snow or if there would be enough snowmobile tracks to have decent footing. We then planned to do another section on the road, which would be easier.

We started in the small town of Brill, which was about the middle point of the segment. It appeared as though there were a decent amount of tracks, so it looked like we were going to have a decent hike. I took a couple pictures and commented to Jared that today wouldn’t be much of a day for pictures. We would be on the bike trail the entire time, which is flat, straight, and boring. About a mile in my knee was starting to hurt. This had been happening on day 2 the last few times I’d gone hiking. In the past, my knee would loosen up and it would stop hurting after awhile. That did not happen today.

Around mile two it started to hurt more. I wasn’t sure if I could do the second part of the hike, but wanted to wait until later to decide. It just continued to hurt and at times got worse. As we traveled along we listened to a book on CD about a hermit that we started in the car on the way up here. I only half listened, except when it got to a part about the hermit possibly having autism. That was interesting. We soon got to a sign that said dip. This was not a dip, it was much more than that. I would call it a huge downhill and up hill. As we went down hill, my knee hurt more. Jared thought it might be easy to go down hill, and I said that it was like my shock was broken. I didn’t like going down hill. At the bottom there was a nice view of the Tuscobia Creek. The up hill was easier, easier than going on flat ground even though it was a pretty steep up hill. Jared tried to make some jokes, but I didn’t think it was funny.

We got to the end, and I took a picture of Jared and Penny by the sign. I didn’t really want my picture taken. We had parked at the end of the Tuscobia Trail, and it’s a nice parking spot because there is a pit toilet that is open in the winter. Yay bathrooms!

We had to shuttle Todd’s car to the end of his hike, but before doing that we stopped at the Norse Nook for pie and coffee. I had death by chocolate, which was really good, and I got a gingerbread cookie to go.

My knee doesn’t hurt when I’m not walking, but I plan to send my doctor a message. She will probably have me go to physical therapy. Hopefully that can fix the problem. Today we will get home a little earlier than I originally thought, which will be nice!


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