Dells of the Eau Claire County Park to Plover River Segment

Today was another nice winter hike, or maybe I should say fall since it is technically still fall, but it feels like winter. We started at the same place we started yesterday. Penny was all ready to go and had a skip in her step. My knee was a bit sore, the tendons lately have felt tight on the second day.

We finished off the Dells Segment, it was just a short bit out of the park. Next was a three mile road walk, which was pretty quiet. Three or four cars passed us on this road.

Our next segment was the Plover River Segment. We came upon the trail log, which appeared to be on an esker (my favorite glacial landform). The trail traveled near the Plover River, which hadn’t frozen over and was still flowing. The ground was bumpy with lots of roots. Jared said it was pretty muddy in the spring and summer. We got to the river crossing, and Jared carried Penny over the rock crossing. The water looked like it would be up to her belly and it was below freezing. With a decent amount of trail to go, I didn’t want her to get wet. Luckily he made it across without falling in or dropping her.

Farther along on the trail we came to the part that has two long boardwalks. This part of the trail was featured in Backpacker Magazine. I’ve tried looking for the article online and haven’t been able to find it. The article would be a few years old. The boardwalks looked really neat, especially when they were twisty and turny.

I was feeling good all through the hike (other than my knee in the beginning), and we didn’t even stop for lunch. Penny did a great job! She never appeared to be tired and just kept going. Jared said at the end it felt like she was still pulling on the leash. Between the two days we did 21 miles! This was Penny’s biggest weekend so far!

On a side note, yesterday was my blogiversary!


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