Badger State Trail to Ice Age Junction

Today was a bright sunny day, perfect for hiking in the fall! I hiked with Jared, Penny and Jared’s friends Will and Gloria. We hiked a small road walk and the Verona Segment. Jared and I both have done this portion for our completion, but I wanted to redo it so that Penny does all of Dane County too and I can list her on my chapter completion form as doing it with me. I also did not want to travel very far to go hiking and this was nice and close.

We started at the road walk that starts at the Badger State Trail and headed north towards Madison and Verona. The road walk was a quick 3 miles and then we entered the trail near the Prairie Moraine dog park. The prairie in this area looked neat with the brown grass against the blue sky.

The trail goes into the woods, crosses a road, and heads back into the woods again. We came upon a fenced in area right on the property line that had a bunch of goats. They noticed Penny and seemed a little uncertain while Penny could have cared less about them.

The last time I did this segment, it had rained the night before and there was some flooding. This time the trail was muddy and squishy in spots, but not too bad. The trail travels through Badger Prairie County Park and on a small part of the Military Ridge State Trail. There are some trails that criss cross the Ice Age Trail and sometimes it can be confusing on which way to go.

The last portion of the segment runs near a soccer park and then through the Ice Age Junction area. We ended at County PD in Madison. A new bridge was recently completed that goes over PD and is for bikers and hikers. The road also was expanded and there are some new bike trails. It all looks really nice!

Overall it was another great day on the Ice Age Trail. Penny, Jared, and I have small parts of Dane County left to do. Penny has completed 124 miles of the Ice Age Trail!


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