Montello to John Muir County Park

Today’s hike started where yesterday’s left off at the Kwik Trip in Montello. Jared and I hiked with Jessa, Nick, and their dog Dane. Jessa hiked the Appalachian Trail this year and Jared heard about her hikes and followed her progress through the podcast. Jared invited her to join us on the Ice Age Trail.

Today’s hike was another road walk. We did have about a mile of trail at the end. The day was gloomy again, but slightly warmer than yesterday. We did 13.81 miles today and the time went pretty fast with new people to talk to. Jessa and Nick are both outdoorsy people, so we had a lot to talk about.

The hike ended on the trail at John Muir County Park. Jared and I had ended here earlier in the year and did the trail loop at that time. Since then a new piece of trail was added to the segment, so we had a bit that we needed to do. We also did the rest of the trail since it was so short. The trail in this park is really nice and a great little little hike.

Between yesterday’s hike and today’s I closed up a gap and completed Marquette County! I’m also nearing 800 miles of completed trail!


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