Mishicot to Tisch Mills

Saturday’s hike was a little over 12 miles on a cloudy gloomy day. The day was slightly different than any other hike I have done because Jared and I walked against each other. I dropped Jared off in Tisch Mills and drove to Mishicot. Jared was hiking south to Mishicot. Penny and I hiked through Mishicot and went north to Tisch Mills. We did three segments; the Mishicot Segment, East Twin River, and half of the Tisch Mills Segment; which was about half the distance and the other half was road walk.

The Mishicot Segment goes through town and is on the sidewalk then through a large park near the river and over a covered bridge. Outside of town it follows some gravel roads, then goes into the woods and finishes up going through a field. The trail goes between fields and can be pretty muddy. While on the trail north of Mishicot there is an esker that you walk on. Eskers are my favorite glacial land feature!

The video below is of the esker, which I a standing on. The definition of an esker accordion to Merriam-Webster is a long narrow ridge or mound of sand, gravel, and boulders deposited by a stream flowing on, within, or beneath a stagnant glacier. If you look closely, you can see the land sloping up like a hill, then the top, and then it slopes down.

After the Mishicot Segment, there is a short road walk to the East Twin River Segment. During this road walk it started to sprinkle a little bit, so I was glad to get into the woods. I was hoping it wouldn’t rain too much so that Penny wouldn’t get too wet. The East Twin River Segment was a nice segment with some boardwalks and pine trees. It continued to rain, but it wasn’t too heavy and I really didn’t get all that wet. Earlier in the fall Jared and I backpacked out to the DCA on this segment. As we approached the blue blaze route to the DCA, I noticed some white and then Penny got excited. I thought maybe it was Jared, but then saw more white and realized it was three deer running through the woods. As we got to the end of the segment, I saw Jared on the road and then I heard him calling Penny. Here’s a video of that:At this point I had hiked 4.9 miles and Jared had hiked over 7. He took Penny back to Mishicot and I continued to Tisch Mills. Penny wasn’t so sure about going with Jared and leaving me. This was the end of the East Twin River Segment, so I continued on the road. This chunk was just under 6 miles. It was really windy at times, so I put my buff over my face and only had my eyes sticking out. This worked well. Since I was by myself, I decided to walk fast. I got a mile or two at 17 then went faster and got 16 minutes per mile. I kept going and got a few miles at 15 something per mile. While walking on the road, I started to notice orange chunks on the road. Some were really big and I realized they were pieces of carrots.

The last bit of trail was a neat segment. The Tisch Mills Segment is two portions of Trail with a road walk in between that goes through Tisch Mills. The trail went into the woods and it was all covered with leaves and pine needles. There was one portion with many boardwalks. I then came I sign that said “wading would be safer than walking on rocks”. I had no idea I needed to ford a river and Jared didn’t tell me about it. The river wasn’t too wide, but I couldn’t see how deep it was and I was worried about getting soaked feet since it was cold out. I didn’t have my poles either to keep me steady. I made it across, but a couple times I thought I was going to lose my balance and fall in. The trail soon popped out on the road and I saw Jared drive up. I walked about half a mile into town to finish the hike. I didn’t do the second trail portion of this segment because I had done it earlier in the fall.

The hike took me just under 4 hours, which is a really good time. I’m glad we got this hike done and I closed up another gap. I think I may have also earned another patch!

That night I went to the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks awards banquet. One of my photos along the Ice Age Trail was chosen to be in the calendar on the month of July. Jared and I were hiking through Point Beach State Forest heading towards the lake when I took the picture.


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