Table Bluff to Indian Lake Road Walk

Today’s hike was a short 4.8 mile hike on the connecting road route between segments in Dane County. We started at the end of the Table Bluff Segment near Cross Plains and ended at Indian Lake County Park.

The day was cold and gray. Most of the trees were past peak, so there weren’t too many colorful views. Penny came along on this hike, and she hadn’t been hiking since July. She seemed really happy to be out hiking again. She was also very stubborn and wanted to decide when she would walk on the road.

A couple miles in, Jared noticed some pink and yellow flags in the field. I went closer to look at them, and the yellow ones had “Ice Age Trail” written on them. A little farther down we saw more flags in what looked like markings of future trail. I got pretty excited to see the flags and to have the possibility of new trail!

The rest of the hike was uneventful. We ended at the parking lot of the dog exercise area at Indian Lake County Park. I would have let Penny run around a bit, but this dog park wasn’t fenced in and I can’t trust Penny to stay close.

On the way back to Jared’s car we saw two bucks. One was standing in someone’s yard and the other was along the road about a 1/4 mile down.


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