Chippewa County Road Walk

Today’s hike was more road walk in Chippewa County. With this hike I have completed all of Chippewa County! We did an 11 mike section south east of Cornell today (north east of Eau Claire). As Jared would say the land of hunting cabins and dying farms.

After a good night’s sleep at our Airbnb location, we had breakfast at a bar in Cornell where the women working gossiped about every single person that walked in the door. I didn’t notice this, but Jared did. The breakfast was cheap like a small town breakfast should be.

It was a cool morning, and I wore my fleece, rain coat, and Jared’s puffy jacket as I waited for him to shuttle. I took some pictures of the leaves and played games on my phone.

The road walk alternated between gravel road and paved road. It was grey and gloomy again, which was disappointing because I wanted blue sky in my pictures of the fall colors. It was still neat to see the colorful trees. It stayed cold the entire time and I never stopped to take off any layers. I had hand warmers in my mittens and wore them off and on the entire time.

Overall it was a pretty uneventful hike. We saw two deer, 10 horses, and a lot of cows. There were many rocks in the cow pastures that were left by the glacier. I saw one erratic and Jared saw many more. Apparently I wasn’t paying attention. My favorite glacial feature is the esker, and we did not see any of those. We also saw two bald eagles, one adult and one juvenile. Our conversations were pretty normal with nothing too interesting or out of the ordinary.

I forgot to mention something in yesterday’s blog post. On our hike near the little free library, there was a sign with a quote that said “Do it now or forever wish you had”. This is a really good quote and very true! After getting the Ice Age Trail books a bunch of years ago, I always wanted to go out and do parts of the trail, but never did. I’m glad I’m doing it now and don’t have to spend the rest of my life wishing I had!


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