Chippewa and Rusk County Road Walk

Today was a very long day of hiking on the road! The day started at 5:30 am and we were on the road by 6:30 in the dark. Our drive was around 3 hours and then I had an hour to wait in the woods while Jared did the shuttle.

It was a bit cool and I put some hand warmers in my mittens to heat them up. I stayed pretty busy during Jared’s hour long shuttle by taking pictures of all the pretty fall scenery! He left me at the end of the Chippewa Moraine Segment. It was the perfect time to be in the woods, all the trees were turning colors! It’s too bad that our entire walk would be on the road and that we didn’t get to enjoy the woods.

Once Jared got back we headed out onto the gravel road. It was a grey overcast day, but the trees all looked neat. I think this would have been an extra boring road walk had we done it in the summer. The colorful trees definitely made it more interesting.

I decided to have lunch after only a few miles. Jared had lunch too and asked me to get out his jar of apple sauce. Yes, that’s right an entire jar of apple sauce! Jared is always telling me not to take things that are heavy or unnecessary in my pack. He is always trying to go as light as possible. Apparently apple sauce is just too important!

Our route took us past some lakes and some interesting cottages. There was one place with a really neat little free library. It had a section for adult book and another for kid books. It even had a guest log, so I wrote an entry! We also passed a camp and they had their archery targets out in the field. Archery was always one of my favorite things to do at camp!

After 10 or so miles it started to rain. The rain wasn’t coming down too hard, but it was constant for the rest of the hike. We kept a good pace the entire time, averaging about 19 minutes per mile, and we didn’t take any breaks! By the end of the hike I was pretty wet and my hands were numb. My hand warmers died probably around mile 12 or 13. We had considered adding on a couple more miles at the end, but I was too cold. Overall we did really well with 18 miles in 5 hours and 48 minutes!

The day’s adventure didn’t end there! After picking up the moped, we headed to Cornell to check in to our lodging for the night. We made a reservation through Airbnb for a place in Cornell. A lady in town has a house she uses as a photography studio which has three bedrooms that can be reserved. Overall it’s a pretty nice place and I would recommend checking it out if someone is going through Cornell. She provides towels and sheets. She stopped by to work on some of her photography stuff and was nice to talk to. When we got back from supper she left a note saying she brought over coffee for the morning, and we found a Keurig machine! The house is right on the main drag through Cornell, which is also the road route of the Ice Age Trail through town. The night’s entertainment consists of watching Fuller House on Netflix.


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