Kewaunee County Road Walk

On Sat 9/16 Jared and I hiked 20 miles, all on the road. We started in the middle of a very large road walk and headed north for 11.4 miles. Our destination was the start of the Kewaunee River Segment that ran along the Ahnapee State Trail near Casco Junction in Kewaunee County. It was sunny all day, which made it really warm. The high temp was around 78, which wasn’t bad compared to the 80s that the rest of the state was experiencing. Sometimes it really is nice to be near the lake!

After we got to the bike trail, we stopped off at Dollar General for a few things. We then headed to a county park near the small town of Bolt. We hiked 8.7 miles back to my car. The entire hike was pretty boring. We passed some neat tress that had been shaped to look like little triangles. About half a mile from the car, Jared told me to start counting bull dozers. We then passed an old man who started a conversation with us by telling us about a walnut tree across the road that was as old as him. This guy had lived here his entire life and his family had an equipment company. His grandparents or great grandparents, I can’t remember which, first lived there. The grandfather was German and Lutheran and the grandmother was Catholic and Bohemian. Neither spoke English when they got married. The man gave us his card and said that if we ever get lost we could call him and he would give us a cup of coffee for a dime.

The day’s hike came to 20.1 miles. I thought maybe this was a record number of miles in one day, but nope, my record is 20.34 miles last Feb. I felt pretty good at the end even though I haven’t done much hiking in the past month or so. The terrain makes a difference, this was flat road, which doesn’t take a lot of energy, but does make my feet hurt quickly. Ups and downs in the woods can be much more strenuous.

Our next stop was the East Twin River Segment trailhead. From here we put on our overnight packs and headed out to a DCA. It was a short hike, I’m not exactly sure how long it was because I’m not counting it towards my miles. I will come back at some point and do the entire segment. We got there as it was getting dark, so we set up the tent quickly and then made supper. I had a biscuits and gravy dehydrated meal. When I packed it, I read the name, but my brain was inking it was something with chicken. I’d never had this one, but it turned out pretty good and would eat it again.

This was my second time using my new sleeping pad. I have the REI Flash sleeping pad. I decided to get this because the sleeping pad I used on the Appalachian Trail was too thin and made sleeping very uncomfortable. It felt like I was sleeping on the ground! That sleeping pad also wasn’t very compact, so I had to strap it to the outside of my pack, which was annoying. I kind of wish I had gotten the long version, but overall I really like it.

In the morning we had a couple short rain sprinkles, but we got lucky and the rain missed us. We packed up, hiked back to the car, ate breakfast, then headed to Tisch Mills. We started in town and did the northern part of the Tisch Mills segment. This segment has two parts of actual trail and a road walk in the middle. We were on real trail for about a mile, and it was a great mile! I took a lot of pictures, the sun was out, and the sky looked very nice with the vegetation. There was a little bit of trees andbushes starting to turn color. We got off he trail and finished the hike on the road. A guy on a bike stopped to talk to us and asked if we were hiking the Ice Age Trail. He was familiar with it and has hosted the Warrior Hikers. The hike ended back at the county park near Bolt. The total mileage for the day was 7.32 miles for a weekend total of 27.42. With this hike I have officially finished Kewaunee County!

This map shows where we hiked between the two days. It’s not really scaled, but it still is a visual of the distance. The black dashed line is actual trail. The black dashed line that starts in Kewaunee and ends in the middle south of 54, that is Casco Junction and the northern most spot we hiked to on Sat. At the bottom of the map, there is a dashed line along the county border, and that was the southern most start point in Tisch Mills.


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