Lodi High School to Fern Glen Segment

Today I did a bike and hike. I had a small chunk to do near Lodi that would close up a gap. I have other stuff going on this weekend, so it was nice to get some hiking in too. The last time I hiked the Ice Age Trail was July 29!

I left the car at the end of the Fern Glen Segment along Cty J and biked to Lodi High School. After going less than a quarter of a mile I had to bike up a huge hill. When I bike and hike I always take my hybrid, and it’s getting so old that it just doesn’t work as well as I expect. I’m so used to my road bike that the hybrid can be a pain. The bike was 2.9 miles long and only took me 15 minutes.

I did the City of Lodi Segment this past January, but I decided to redo the part near the high school because I knew there would be a bike rack for my bike. I really only had to redo about a mile, so it also made it more worth while since the hike was pretty short anyway.

A majority of the hike was on the road. The part by the high school was on a trail, but then popped out in a residential area and from there I headed north out of town. The road walk wasn’t too bad. It was a nice sunny day, not too hot, and there was a nice breeze. I was able to keep a pretty quick pace, one mile was around a 16 mile per minute pace!

The hike ended on the Fern Glen Segment. It’s too bad the Ice Age Trail hasn’t acquired the land between the Fern Glen Segment and the City of Lodi Segment. When looking at the map, they’re not too far away, but going by road is longer.

When I left the house today, I felt like I was forgetting something, but I couldn’t figure out what. Once on the Fern Glen Segment, I realized I had forgotten my hiking poles. Only about half of the hike was on actual trail, but I did trip a couple times on the Fern Glen Segment. There were also some steeper hills that it would have been to have them on.

The Fern Glen Segment was very quiet and a nice little chunk of trail. Along the way, there was a spur trail with a sign that said Susie’s Rock, so I took that, and found an erratic that was a favorite spot of a women who lived in the late 1800s and a few years of the 1900s. With the completion of this hike, I have hiked all the sections for the Lodi Valley/Baraboo Hills Glacial Drifters Hiking Award! I didn’t even realize I would be done with the hikes for the award until I was looking things over on the Ice Age Trail website tonight!

My total hiking mileage for the day was 4.56, with 1 mile of that being a redo. I didn’t feel tired at all, so my running and biking has been keeping up my endurance. Next weekend I’ll be doing a lot more hiking, and hopefully the larger amounts will continue into the winter!


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