Kewaunee County Road Walk

On Sat 9/16 Jared and I hiked 20 miles, all on the road. We started in the middle of a very large road walk and headed north for 11.4 miles. Our destination was the start of the Kewaunee River Segment that ran along the Ahnapee State Trail near Casco Junction in Kewaunee County. It was … Continue reading Kewaunee County Road Walk


Lodi High School to Fern Glen Segment

Today I did a bike and hike. I had a small chunk to do near Lodi that would close up a gap. I have other stuff going on this weekend, so it was nice to get some hiking in too. The last time I hiked the Ice Age Trail was July 29! I left the … Continue reading Lodi High School to Fern Glen Segment