Mirror Lake State Park

On Sunday Jared and I did a short hike at Mirror Lake State Park near Wisconsin Dells. I wanted to go to the outlet mall and then we got done early, so after making a short stop at Knuckleheads we headed over to Mirror Lake. I had been there one other time in the winter and did a little bit of snowshoeing on the lake.

We took the yellow route, which starts near the ranger station at the entrance. It felt really weird to be on wide, wood chip covered, brush free trails. We also passed three sets of pit toilets, a definite sign of a state park! Usually when I hike with Jared on the Ice Age Trail, we have to go single file. The trails were marked as easy and were pretty flat. The map had a wide range of trails with different difficulty.

We walked near the swimming beach, which was empty except for a couple kids swimming. It was a cool cloudy day, not ideal for swimming. They also had boat rentals near the boat landing, which included stand up paddle boards!

It was a nice short hike. I wore my chacos, which in my opinion can really only be done in a state park. Some people say they would wear their chacos anywhere, but there’s no way I’d wear them on the Ice Age Trail. There’s just too many sticks that could stab my feet.

I definitely want to go back in the winter for cross country skiing!


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