Road walk, Eastern Highland Lakes, and Old Railroad

Today was day four of hiking for me! We started at the eastern end of the Western Highland Lakes Segment in Langlade County north of Antigo. We had about five miles to walk on the road. A dog named Sammie walked with us for about a mile and a half. After awhile we called her owner because she didn't seem to be interested in going home. The entire family came to pick her up and apparently this isn't the first time she's gone off with some hikers.

After the road walk, we did the Eastern Highland Lakes Segment, which was mostly on gravel roads, so a tad boring. We went by 4-H Camp Susan, but I didn't realize we were near until we passed, so I didn't get to look at the camp, or at least what we could see. It appeared that today was drop off day for some kids, and it reminded me of all the years I went to Camp Bird for 4-H.

Our next segment was the Old Railroad Segment. This had parts with tall grass and other parts that had been mowed. It was really nice to have the mowed trail because the grass outside of the mowing was really tall. We saw a turkey and at least seven babies. The hike ended at the Jack Lake Ski trail head. We had started here back in September and hiked to the east.

With yesterday and today's hike, we closed up a gap in Langlade County. My total hiking mileage for the past four days is almost 52 miles. I biked over 11, so my total mileage between the two is around 63!


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