Western Highland Lakes to Parrish Hills

The adventure started on the shuttle today! As we were driving to our start point, a turkey was walking across the road. As we got closer, Jared didn't slow down, and the turkey didn't speed up. It started to fly and it almost hit the windshield right in front of me. It was within inches of getting hit! We continued on our way without any more excitement.

The hike started at the eastern end of the Western Highland Lakes Segment in Langlade County north of Antigo. This segment was on an old logging road, so overall it was pretty boring. We did get off track a few times and had to backtrack or check Mammoth Tracks. The grass wasn't too long, so I was able to take my pant legs off. It was nice to finally wear shorts!

At the start of the Parrish Hills Segment, we stopped for lunch at a nice spot along a lake. This segment had some trail and some of it was on old roads. The grass was pretty high in some spots, and got up to at least waist high. We went around a lake that had a beaver hut in the distance and farther down the path there was a tree the beaver had taken down. Near the end of the hike we had to ford a river. So far this week I'm 0 for 3 on dry feet! This river was the biggest and deepest, and it once again felt nice to cool off my feet. After the ford the trail was nicely mowed, which was a great change! We ended the hike about a quarter mile after the ford near the town of Parrish. We had ended here a few weeks ago when we did a backpacking trip.

On the way back to the cottage a bear ran across the road. It was a pretty young one and neat to see.


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