Turtle Rock Segment to Averill-Kelly Creek Wilderness Segment

Another day of vacation and another hike! On my drive today I saw two turkeys with babies.

My hike continued east of where I hiked yesterday. I left my car at the parking lot of the New Wood Segment where I started yesterday. I biked six miles to the start of the Turtle Rock Segment. As I was biking, I saw a young deer cross the road and walk along it. As I got closer it bounded off. It's always neat to see a deer make big jumps. The gravel road was easier to bike on today since it was drier. Jared told me I would like this segment, so I was interested to see what I would come across.

I wound around above a creek and then started to follow the Wisconsin River. Soon I came to the Grandfather Falls Dam. Once past the dam, it got very loud from the rushing water. I didn't notice a trail getting closer to the dam and falls, so I apparently missed my opportunity to get close to the dam and see the water. It's just another reason to go back! I did get some other views of the water and got out of the woods and close to the water farther down from the dam. The trail along the river as very rocky, it was fun to travel this part of the trail!

After awhile the trail went up a hill and away from the water. From here there was a lot of thick grass to hike through. I wore my pant legs again today and was glad I did so. The grass, pickers, and berry bushes would have really ripped up my legs. At times the path was straight and flat and I could really hike fast. Other times it was muddy and uneven. I used the Mammoth Tracks app a couple times to check to make sure I wasn't off track. One part of the trail was confusing and I got a bit lost for awhile until I finally saw a blaze.

After Turtle Rock, I walked a little distance down a road to the Averill-Kelly Creek Wilderness Segment, which was on private land. This segment also had a lot of tall grass and at times it was waist high or taller. It really got tiring to go through that.

There were two fords marked on the map on this segment. I did cross Kelly Creek, which was a ford, but it wasn't marked and it was pretty shallow. Close to the end of the segment was the two marked fords. One was across Averill Creek, which was also shallow and I crossed with mostly dry feet. The next was New Wood River, and I wasn't going to cross this with dry feet! I had wondered how deep it would be since it rained yesterday. I was a little worried it would be deep with all the rain we've had this summer. Lucky for me it was only a little over ankle deep. It felt really good to get my feet wet in the river and I stopped mid river to take some pictures.

The segment ended at a road and I had about .6 of a mile on the road back to my car.

Today and yesterday I didn't take any long breaks to rest or for lunch. Both days I ate while I hiked. I'm not feeling too tired, so hopefully I can make it through two more days of hiking. Today and yesterday were shorter hiking mile days, but with the biking, the amount of miles was similar to a normal hiking day. Today I did 10.5 miles of hiking, so with the bike I did a total of 16.5.


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