Straight River, Pine Lake and McKenzie Creek Segments

Sunday’s hike started at the same place we started on Saturday.  The Trumpeter Swans flew over again while I waited, but didn’t make as much noise.  

We did a majority of the Straight River Segment.  Part of the trail was on snowmobile trails, and after not even a mile we got off track.  We had continued on the snowmobile trail when we should have veered off and stayed closer to the river.  It was already very warm, but in the woods it wasn’t too bad.  It was really warm though out in the open fields.  We went through a lot of long grass and after one field, Jared picked off 56 ticks and I only had 6.  He was in the front and I guess they all decided to go with him.  

One part of the hike was on private land and went through a cow pasture.  There were some cows near a campsite that the land owner uses.  The cows seemed interested in us and watched as we walked by.  

We had some small road walks, but most of the hike was on the trail.  The McKenzie Creek Segment was pretty long, and we only crossed one road during that segment. We were probably a little slower due to it being the second day.

We came to an area that had been logged and really had to look for some blazes, and for awhile we were on a large trail that was more of a road.  After awhile we realized we hadn’t seen a blaze in awhile along this wide path and turned around.  We probably went at least half a mile out of our way.  We once again had missed where the trail went off on its own.  

Sunday was another strong pollen day.  My throat felt like there was dirt in it and I sneezed a bunch of times.  I don’t have allergies, so it was bad.  We also noticed a lot of pollen floating in the air.  It was raining yellow pollen!

By the end I was pretty tired.  When planning this hike, we had considered adding on more miles by reshuttling, but that wasn’t even discussed by the time we got back to the car.  The hike took about 7 hours.  Jared’s Endomondo said we went 17 miles and mine said 15.84.  When we got lost, he did go farther than I did, but his phone always has a longer distance than mine.  It would be nice to know which one is accurate.


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