Interstate State Park

On Sunday we visited Minnesota’s Interstate State Park after our main hike on the Ice Age Trail.   This park is across the St Croix River from Wisconsin’s Interstate State Park.  The park has many potholes and they have a trail specifically for the potholes.  

Here’s some info on potholes:  Potholes Potholes are pretty neat, they’re probably my second favorite landform, but my favorite glacial landform is the esker.  Grinders are also neat and more info can be found on the page about potholes.

We walked along the trail and saw some neat potholes and had a good view of the river and Wisconsin.  It was a nice little trail.  The walk would have been even better with a cold diary treat.  These dairy treats are my favorite food and I associate it with vacation and trips.  It is especially nice to enjoy this diary treat after a long day of hiking.  Apparently when you leave Wisconsin ice cream isn’t all that important.  Our plan was to go to the ice cream shop in Taylors Falls, MN and then go to the potholes trail.  Wisconsinites might say “why would you go to Minnesota for ice cream?”  We went there because St. Croix Falls only had Dairy Queen and McDonalds and I didn’t want soft serve.  The Minnesota shop also had Cedar Crest ice cream, which is made in Wisconsin and has tons of delicious flavors.  As we were walking up to the shop the sign was flipped from open to closed.  The door was already locked and it was only 6:53!  Their website stated they were open until 9.  I did notice the door said 11-7, but we had seven minutes!  What the heck?!?!  What a disappointment!


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