Lodi Marsh to Springfield Hill

A few weeks ago on May 21, I did my only hike on the Ice Age Trail for the month of May.  I had hoped to go hiking the day before, but it rained all day.  I wasn’t planning on hiking on the 21st because I had a sprint triathlon in the morning.  The triathlon consisted of a 400 yard swim in Lake Mendota (water temp was 55!), 10 mile bike and 5k run.  I really wanted to go hiking, so after I got home from the tri, we got ready to go and headed out to Lodi.

Most of the hike was on the road.  Jared, Penny, and I started at the Lodi Marsh parking lot area and did the road walk first so that we would have the short trail hike at the end.  It was a cool cloudy day.  I didn’t feel too bad, but I didn’t hike at the same speed I normally do.  It was a pretty uneventful hike with very few things to photograph.  

The trail at Springfield Hill was a loop, do we left our packs at the car.  The trail was nice and went through a field and into the woods.  We stopped at a new DCA site.  It was pretty hilly in that area, and it seemed like it would be hard to find a flat place to put your tent.  

It had been a busy day, but I was glad to get a few miles in on the trail!  We ended up doing 9.72 miles.


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