Wedde Creek Segment to Westfield

Today was mainly on the road with a little bit of trail in the beginning.  Last summer I did most of the Wedde Creek Segment, but there was a small portion yet to do, so we started there.  There was a short road walk and then we took the Chaffe Creek Segment.  The Chaffee Creek Segment led us to the highlight of the day, which was walking in the median along I-39.  This part of the trail is along the Marquette/Waushara County line just north of the rest area north of Westfield.  We walked under a bridge to get to the median, wound a round a bit, and then went through a large culvert to get to the other side.  This segment ends at the rest area, so we turned back around and then took the blue blaze trail to a road.  From there it was all road walk to Westfield.  We didn’t follow the suggested route the entire way, but took the most direct route instead.  

This road walk was boring like many more before it, but Jared and I always seem to find something to talk about.  Jared says I should write a book about our hikes so that we can go to Hawaii on the earnings I get from the sales.  I’m not sure anyone would buy it.  He says there are conversations I could include like the time he tried to convince me to to change my trail name to Twitch because there are things that bother me because of the way they feel.  For example when I was a kid I didn’t wear jeans because of the way they felt and once I did start wearing jeans I didn’t tight roll my pants because it was dumb and I didn’t like the way it felt.  We always seem to get on a conversation about what we would do if we won the lottery.  I told him he should win the lottery and then we could go to Hawaii.  Or we could use part of the money to go to Hawaii and the other part to buy land for the Ice Age Trail so that we didn’t have to do so many road walks by the time he was on his sixth or seventh time doing the trail.  He didn’t want to do that (share the winnings, he didn’t say anything about not doing the trail six or seven times).  I said that I could win the lottery and then we could move to Hawaii and I would open an autism treatment place because I would still work at least a day or two each week.  If I did that though, then I’d have to get my masters and become a BCBA.   I guess we will have to start playing the lottery.

I hit the 500 mile mark with this hike!  Only a little over 600 to go!  I should be at the half way mark about a year after I started.


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