Waterville Segment and Scuppernong Segment

Today was a great day for a hike!  Jared, Penny, and I started at the UW Field Station and headed south on the road and then onto the trail.  The Waterville Segment had some muddy areas and a few boardwalks.  Penny took every opportunity to splash around in the water.  She had a burst of energy each time she found some water to walk in.  The Waterville Segment wasn’t too hilly, but it was a nice segment and had some good views and interesting scenery.  Some bushes were starting to bud and there were sections of very green grass.  

The road walk between the two segments was somewhat busy with traffic.  It felt weird to walk the roads because I used to live in Oconomowoc and drove those roads.  It’s always strange to walk on a road you mainly drive on, it feels different.

The Scuppernong Segment was also an interesting one because it crosses some of the trails I used to use for cross country skiing.  (The Scuppernong trails are great for cross country skiing!  It’s classic skiing only, double track, and groomed regularly.). There was also a portion of the trail that I had hiked back when I lived in Oconomowoc.  I used my maps and guide book to find parking lots and figure out where I wanted to go for that hike.  I had planned to do more of the Ice Age Trail at that time, but never got around to it.  I’m sure glad I finally got around to hiking more of the trail!  We saw a few groups of people near the campground and closer to the Scuppernong parking lot, other than that the trails were empty.  

Today I felt a little worn out and felt more tired than I have the past few hikes.  I ran a 5k yesterday, went to the farmers market, and raked my yard, so I was tired from that.  My pack was also heavier today.  I packed up most of the food I will need and put it all in my pack.  At first it felt pretty heavy, but once we got off the road and onto the trail I felt better.  There were lots of ups and downs and some were a bit steep.  My legs definitely feel tired tonight.  Overall the hike was great, and it was so nice to be outside!


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