Levee Road to John Muir Park

Between yesterday and today, Jared and I did 24 miles starting at Levee road yesterday and ending at John Muir Park today.  I used my new pack both days and had about 24 pounds in to.  I continue to feel good wearing the pack, so it’s definitely the right one for me.  

Yesterday we parked in a parking lot along Levee Road and did the road walk into Portage.  The route through Portage follows the Portage Canal Segment.  We saw some interesting houses and came to some construction in the route and had to find our way around.  We didn’t realize there was a detour route until we came upon a sign marking the detour at the end.  The detour sign was on the road sign in took a picture of because I thought it was funny the road was called Mullet.  The segment ended on a spur, so we re shuttled to another spot and did another section of a road walk.  We started at Fort Winnebago school and ended at the parking lot for the trailhead of the Portage Canal Segment near the spur trail.  The weather was pretty nice all day.

Today Penny joined us, so we did a smaller chunk, just over 9 miles.  We started at Fort Winnebago school and followed the Fox River for awhile.  Penny was eyeing it up and finally went in near an area where the river gets close to the road.  It was a little deeper than she expected.  It was a pretty warm day with highs in the low 70s, so we had to stop a few times to give Penny water.    We ended at John Muir  Park, which has a trail that loops around a lake.  The Ice Age Trail goes into the park, follows the loop and continues back out the park and back to the road walk.  The park was a nice park and had pit toilets.  We left our packs at the car and did the loop without them.  It felt really weird to hike without them.   While we weren’t paying attention, Penny decided to jump off the boardwalk into the water.  It was pretty deep and she needed some help back onto the boardwalk.  A little ways down the trail, we crossed a bridge and she decided to head into the water under the bridge.  She had a good time and was like a friendly troll under the bridge.  Her tail was up and she pranced along after that dip in the water.  It was a nice weekend if hiking and hopefully the warm weather is here to stay!


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