Sauk Point Segment and Devils Lake Segment

Today we hiked the Sauk Point and Devils Lake Segments. We started at the Parfreys Glen parking lot. Last week I bought a new pack from REI with my dividend and 20% off coupon, and today I finally got to try it out. I was a little unsure about how the waist belt felt at first.  I was adjusting straps every now and then throughout  the first five miles.  We stopped for lunch and I took off my pack.  I felt good, not tired at all.  Before starting up again, we tried pulling out my waist straps to make them longer, and that really helped.  The straps had been resting on my hip bone weirdly and was slightly uncomfortable.  This adjustment made a huge difference.  Throughout the entire hike I felt good with the pack on.  It didn’t rub or make me feel extra tired.  I felt great by the end and could have gone farther.
Once we came out of the campground and got to the main entrance, we took the eastern bluff trail rather than the official Ice Age Trail.  We did that section on Jan 1, so to cut out a bit of distance we went along the eastern side.  There were lots of people at the park today.  We had some good views, and I realized that the last time we had been there was exactly four months ago on Jan 1.  The weather was great and it was sunny the entire day.  Overall it was a good day for a hike and I’m looking forward to using my new pack more!

Jan 1 & April 1


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