Algoma to Kewaunee on the road

Today we did a 14.5 road walk starting in Algoma and walked south to Kewaunee.  Before leaving Algoma, we stopped at Piggly Wiggly to get something to drink.  After checking out, the cashier asked if we were biking.  Jared said no we’re hiking and I said we’re going down to Kewaunee.  The cashier said ok and looked at us like we were nuts!  There was a nice boardwalk near the lake with a good view.  

We headed a bit away from the lake and walked into the trees and noticed this neat sign.  The day was gray and gloomy, but it wasn’t too windy.  Between the coffee drink and mini cinnamon rolls that we got, I was running high on sugar and the hike went pretty quickly.  We got to Kewaunee and I felt like we could keep going.  Near the trail head of the Ahnapee State Trail we saw a blaze and I thought we had a bit more to go on real trail, but Jared pointed out my car.  I hadn’t been paying very good attention when we dropped off my car, so I didn’t realize we were done, and was slightly disappointed.  The trail head had a nice shelter and grandfather clock that seemed pretty new.  There was  also a nice sign that included the Ice Age Trail! 


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