Parfreys Glen to Levee Road

Today we started at the parking lot at Parfreys Glen and did a road walk that ended at Levee Road, south of Portage. It was a cold, grey day.  We started out walking up the steep road that runs along Devils Head, so I was warm pretty quickly.  It was a pretty boring road walk.  Jared kept it interesting by making up songs and dragging a stick around that he “accidentally” tripped me with.  I didn’t take too many pictures today either because there really weren’t many picture worthy subjects.
We crossed the Baraboo River at a point where people take out their kayaks.  There was this brush to clean off invasive species.  The other side of the bridge had the sign about the water level when it flooded in 2008.

We ended on Levee Road, which runs along a levee near the Wisconsin River.  There were signs that the road was closed, but there wasn’t any flooding, so we made it through on both ends.
The picture on the left below is from the top of the levee looking along it.  The other is a map of our route.



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