Manitowoc to La Budde Creek Segment, a 32 mile weekend!

This weekend consisted of lots and lots of road miles.  We only did 1 mile on the trail!  Both days were nice and warm.  Most of the hike was in Manitowoc County, and just a couple miles were in Sheboygan County.


Saturday’s hike started on the west side of Manitowoc where I left off this past summer.  Saturday had great weather, it was pretty windy, and I either got wind burned or sun burned or both.  We walked into the wind the entire time.  For lunch we stopped at Lower Cato Falls County Park.  It had a pit toilet that was open.  There was also a disc golf course and quite a few people were out playing.  This section was a lot of farm fields, so it did get boring after awhile.  Near the end of the hike, I saw some deer running off to my left, and then they decided to cross the road up ahead of us.  There had to be 10-15 deer in the herd.  They continued to run across the field. It was pretty neat!  The hike ended in School Hill and was a total of 20 miles.  This was my longest hike so far.  I was tired, but I would do it again!  It took us 6 hours and 48 minutes. 


Sunday’s hike was shorter, only 12 miles.  We were going to start at the southern end of La Budde Creek Segment at the parking lot.  We set out, but then came upon a very slippery area that was on a slant.  I had forgotten my spikes at home and my poles were in my car in School Hill.  We headed back to the car, then drove to another parking lot and did 1 mile of the segment.  The rest was on the road.  Sunday was even warmer than Saturday, and the temperature got up to 63!  By the end of the hike I had zipped off my pant legs and had taken off my coats and was down to just my t-shirt.  Our ending point was again School Hill.  With the completion  of this hike, I have hiked just over 400 miles of the Ice Age Trail!  This weekend also had the most miles in one weekend!  I am now exhausted!

Today when I got home, I found my Rock County completion certificate in the mail!!


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