Arbor Ridge Segment to Janesville to Milton Segment

Sunday’s hike was 16 miles from the Arbor Ridge Segment west of Janesville to the Janesville to Milton Segment north of Janesville. The Arbor Ridge Segment goes through the Robert O Cook Memorial Arboretum. The next segment was Devils Staircase, which runs along the Rock River. This was a really neat segment with rock steps and a good view of the river.

The Devils Staircase Segment ended at Riverside Park, which is a nice park.  We stopped to try out the zip line in the park.  It was fun!  The Janesville Segment starts right where the Devils Staircase Segment ends.  A good portion of the segment is on bike trails.  I never realized Janesville had so many bike trails, and I may have to go there again with my bike!  Also along the way, we saw a sign for the Rock River Trail.  This sign was for the national water trail, but there are also other options to follow the trail like hiking and biking.  There’s even a chocolate option!  After I complete the Ice Age Trail (and Jared finishes his fourth), we’re going to do the Rock River Trail by kayak.  We will also do the chocolate trail because I can’t pass up chocolate!  We ended the day with a small chunk of the Janesville to Milton Segment.  I had completed most of that this past summer.  With the completion of Sunday’s hike I have officially finished Rock County!  I’ve sent in my form and am eagearly waiting to get my Walk Across Rock County patch!


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