Gibraltar Segment and road walk

Penny, Jared, and I started off with a road walk which led us to Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area.  It was a windy day and it was a bit chilly at the top.  The trails were packed down, but not icy, so that was nice.  We saw a few other groups hiking.  Penny was full of energy and enjoyed the snow!

The Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area is part of the Gibraltar Segment.  The segment has a connecting route on the road between the two trails.  While on the second part we came upon an area that had quite a few trees cut down and some piles of smoldering embers.  The trees were freshly cut down, I could still smell them.  The stumps all had a dark inner section and a lighter outer section.  Many of the stumps looked like flowers and other shapes.  The trail ended at the wayside near the Merrimac Ferry.  The ferry does not run in the winter.  When I continue with the trail from this point, I will take the ferry to Merrimac.  It was a nice day for a hike, too bad the sun didn’t come out!


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