Valley View Segment to Madison Segment

Today’s hike with Jared and Penny consisted of part of the Valley View Segment, a short road walk, and the Madison Segment.  The Valley View Segment is west of Madison.  There is a parking lot about half way through that we started at.  The Madison Segment goes through University Ridge Golf Course and ends at the Ice Age Trail Junction parking lot on County PD.  
The trails were snowy and hadn’t been used much yet since the most recent snow. We had to tromp through fresh snow on some parts of the trail.  A lot of cross country skiers were out at University Ridge.  Their website has a neat map of the ski trails and it includes the Ice Age Trail!  While on the golf course we saw my uncle, Mark, who was out skiing.  Penny was very excited to see him!  The trail on the golf course was nice and overall the Madison Segment was a nice trail to hike.  Our hike was six miles and it was the perfect thing to do on a winter afternoon!  Penny had a great time and is now zonked out on the floor.

These pictures are from the top of a hill that views an area of glacier washout.


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