Lodi Marsh, Eastern Lodi Marsh & City of Lodi Segments

Today’s hike was on three segments in and around Lodi.  It was another gloomy foggy day.  After yesterday’s 8 mile hike, Penny was ready to go and made it through another 7 miles.  I’m not sure how far she can go, but I’d like to see if she could make it 10 miles.  My sister, Carol, also came along.  We were celebrating our birthday, which was the day before.  It was icy on the trail in some parts and muddy in others.  Penny was filthy by the end!  It was a nice day for hiking and I really liked the segments through the marsh!

While in the marsh, we crossed over the Dane/Columbia County line.  There was a neat sign with mileage to different points.  The trail is always changing, so the distance to each of the terminuses will always be wrong, buts it’s still neat to have a general distance to them.

Near the end of the Eastern Lodi Marsh segment we had to cross under a train bridge with a stream flowing nearby .  Normally the stream is small, but today it was really flowing fast and was wide.  We’ve had a lot of rain recently and the ground is frozen, so it can’t seep into the ground.  It was hard to tell how deep it was going to be, but then Penny walked right in like it was no big deal.  I crossed first since I had waterproof shoes on.  I have a boot dryer at home, so I really don’t care if I get wet feet.  Carol’s boots don’t do a good job of keeping the water out, so she decided to run and jump and try to only put one foot in.  She mad it without falling in.  

The segment through  town was interesting, but at times I lost track of the blazes.  I don’t know what it is about going through town, but I have a hard time keeping track of blazes.  We finished up crossing a neat bridge and ending by the high school.  It was a good hike!


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