Cross Plains Segment & Table Bluff Segment

Yesterday I hiked two segments with Penny.  I did most of the Cross Plains Segment with just a small portion near the alliance left to do.  I also did a small portion of the connecting route within Cross Plains.  After a short break for lunch and a short drive we did the Table Bluff segment as an out and back.  On the way back I did one of the white blaze trails, but not the other.  When I got home, I found out that I need to do the white blaze trails on this section to get the Dane Drifters patch, so I will have to go back.  It will be pretty easy to do it when I go back to the end of that section to do the connecting route.  


It was a gloomy, overcast, foggy day.  The trails were icy, so I was glad I had micro spikes on my shoes.  I don’t think I would have made it up some of the hills without the spikes.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see much and the views weren’t great due to the fog. I plan to go back sometime to hopefully get some nice pictures.  

I really liked the Table Bluff Segment.  It had some nice up hills and down hills and it was a good workout.  This would be a great segment to do in the summer and fall.  

The Cross Plains and Table Bluff Segments are a great example of the different blazes you will see on the Ice Age Trail.  All Ice Age Trail official segments have yellow blazes.  Parts of the trail aren’t official segments and are connecting routes between official segments.  These sections do not have blazes.  While on the trail, you will see white blazes and blue blazes.  White blazes mark loops.  Blue blazes are spur trails which go to parking lots and campsites.  The Table Bluff Segment has two white blaze trails.  The Cross Plains Segment has a blue blaze trail to a campsite.  


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