Gibbs Lake County Park to Robert O. Cook Memorial Arboretum 

Today’s hike was another road walk in Rock County.  We started at Gibbs Lake County Park, which had a full parking lot due to a lot of people ice fishing.  We ended at the Robert O Cook Memorial Arboretum, so next time we’re in the area, we will get to hike on some real trail!  This road walk was part of the section that recently got rerouted.  Gibbs Lake County Park will have some trail through it, but it won’t be official for awhile.

The hike was pretty boring, just like any other road walk.  There were a few points of interest.  We walked by a driveway with huge sign that said Hostas, and wondered if they were selling hostas.  Then we came upon the sign about Hollywood Bob’s Hosta farm.  There’s even a Facebook page.  I noticed that the house numbers had Town of Center on them, and thought that was neat because I grew up in the Town of Center in Outagamie County.  We saw an opossum, muskrat, and lots of dogs.  

We finally arrived at the driveway to the arboretum and saw our first blaze in quite awhile.  I’m looking forward to going back to the arboretum to hike on the trai and doing all the other segments in and around Janesville.  This summer I did most of the Janesville to Milton Segment, so once I complete the gap between that and the arboretum I will have finished Rock County!

For lunch/supper we went to Rock ‘N Rollz in Evansville.  They have pretty good subs and calzones!


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