Devil’s Lake

Today’s hike was around Devil’s Lake.  We started at the south shore, hiked up the eastern bluff, went through the north shore, then took the western bluff back to the south shore.  About four miles of the 5 mile hike was on the Ice Age Trail.

This was my first time hiking at Devil’s Lake in the winter.  Everything looks a little different and you can see a lot more when you’re on top of the bluffs.  The trails were icy and snow covered.  I used microspikes throughout most of the hike and it made a huge difference.  I don’t think I would want to climb the bluff without them.  Along the south short I took them off and it was slippery in spots without them.  A lot of other people were out too, and many people appeared to be going slowly.

It was a great day for a hike, the best day I’ve had during my vacation.  It was suny most of the time and there was very little wind, or it was blocked by the bluff.

Other than hikers, we also saw lots of people ice fishing and some people walking around on the ice near the north shore.  While near the north shore, I stopped in the bathroom that was heated and had running water and flushing toilets!  What a luxury in the winter and for the Ice Age Trail in general!!  I will have two more hikes started at Devil’s Lake and going in opposite directions, so it will be nice to go there again!


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