Evansville to Gibbs Lake County Park

Yesterday’s hike (Thurs 12/30) was a little shorter than most hikes I do.  It was 8 miles from Evansville to Gibbs Lake Park in Rock County, which is west of Evansville.  This hike was all on the road and a bit boring.  There were a couple houses along the route that had little places to wait for the school bus.  I personally liked Bill’s Bus Barn over the ritzy looking mini house, but everyone has their own preference.  On the County park sign was a blaze and arrow pointing into the park. Within the park there was also a yellow blaze down a path.  This section of the trail is currently not on the online map, so it is most likely a future route that will be on the map soon.  Gibbs Lake County Park has some horse trails and parking lots, so it would be a nice place for a new segment.  It also had a very new pit toilet that was open even though it was winter!  There were quite a few ice fishermen out on the lake, so it must be a busy place!

We had lunch at Rock’n Rollz in Evansville which had good subs and calzones.


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