Albany to Evansville

Today’s hike was a road hike that started in Albany and ended in Evansville.  This is a connecting route between two off-road sections of trail.  This part of the trail used to go straight across on County A in Rock County to the Robert O Cook Memorial Arboretum, but it was recently changed to go up to Evansville.

Overall it was a pretty boring day.  There were lots of fields and a gray sky.  img_0562The sun didn’t come out too much, but every now and then we saw some blue sky.  All the roads were plowed and clear.  With today’s hike I have completed all of Green County!  Green County is small, only 23 miles, but it’s one more thing to check off.  Today’s hike also consisted of another milestone, I have now completed 300 miles of the Ice Age Trail!  Only a little over 800 left to go!  We stopped at Magnolia Bluff County Park in Rock County for lunch.  There was a spot with a couple of benches.  I brought along some coffee, so I was able to eat my lunch without getting too cold!  My hands were very cold as usual once we were done.  This new route also went along state highway 59 for awhile, which was a pain.  This is the busiest road I have ever been on while walking Ice Age Trail road walks.  It really isn’t the best route and I wondered why they chose to send us this way.

img_0572Once we arrived in Evansville, I was glad for a change of scenery!  Evansville turned out to be a pretty cool little town.  We had so much to look at that we forgot how tired we were and how much our feet hurt.  There were a lot of interesting old houses.  After getting home, I looked up some Evansville online, and found out that there is a historic walking tour.  My favorite house was on Main Street and had a sign out front that said Tower House.  It had Christmas trees in three locations throughout the house near large windows.  There were also a lot of houses with neat looking paint color accents.  As we were walking, we img_0576also saw what we thought was an old mailbox, but after looking closer we realized that it wasn’t a mailbox that you could put anything in and that it was locked.  On the side it said relay mail.  I also looked this up upon getting home and found out that it is a mailbox where mail carriers can leave and pick up mail.  I found an article on Mental Floss that gives more information about the relay mailboxes.  Near downtown, we did see a blue mailbox, which is starting to become a novelty!  The route in Evansville is a bit long and when looking at the map seems a bit pointless.  Why go a bunch of extra blocks when we can go just one block and get to where we will end up?  Well, we found out that there is a pretty neat park in Evansville, Leonard Leota Park.  We also got to walk through downtown, which was a nice little area.  Overall the best part of this hike was going through Evansville.  Road walks can be so boring, so it’s nice to have a bit of a surprise.




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