Monticello Segment

img_0485Yesterday’s hike (Monday, 12/26) started on a connecting route at the Brooklyn State Wildlife Area that went south west.   After about four img_0490miles we continued onto the Monticello Segment, which ran along the Badger State Trail and a small part of the Sugar River State Trail.  The Monticello Segment ended at the old train depot.  There is a parking lot with bathrooms that are open year round!  This is rare and very nice!  It was a really windy day, so once we got on the bike trail, it was nice to have a wind block at times.   The weather started out somewhat warm and got colder as the day went on.

Me walking down the tunnel

The best part of the Monticello Segment is the Stewart Tunnel.  The tunnel is 1200 feet long and was completed in 1888.  The tunnel has a curve in it, so you can’t see the end and it is pitch black in the middle.  If you go through the tunnel, make sure to bring a flashlight!  In the summer it’s nice and cool in the tunnel.  On the hike, the wind seemed to be blowing through the tunnel, so it was pretty chilly.  Water drips into the tunnel, so there were lots of ice formations on the ceiling and floor. At the south end of the tunnel is a spot with a picnic table and more information and pictures of the tunnel.

img_0526This part of the Ice Age Trail was slightly boring.  The bike trail is on an old railroad line, so it’s flat and straight.  There’s not much to look at and you can always see where you’re going.  There was some nice scenery along the way.  We saw one guy on his fat tire bike, but other than that we were the only ones out.  This part of the trail is also open to snowmobiles, but due to the warm temperatures the snow was melting and there wasn’t enough snow for snowmobiles.



Thanks to Jared Wildenradt for taking pictures of me.


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