Snowshoeing at Token Creek

Today I took Penny to Token Creek to go snowshoeing.  Token Creek is a Dane County park north of Madison just off of highway 51.  Snowshoeing is allowed on the disk golf course.  There is a parking area near the start of the disc golf course and there is a sign for snowshoeing.   There are red signs throughout to keep you going in the right direction and at times there are pink ribbons on the trees.    Dogs are allowed on the snowshoeing trails.  

Token Creek also has cross country ski trails.  Hiking, snowshoeing, and dogs are not allowed on the cross country ski trails.  The trails are groomed and are nice, but a little flat and it can get boring after awhile.

It was a nice day for snowshoeing.  Penny loved the snow and was running around a lot and bounding through the snow.  I saw a deer near a wooded area.   Penny knew something was nearby, but never saw the deer.  Penny and I were the only ones at the park.


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