Ice Age Trail

Most blazes are plain yellow.

Hello and welcome to my blog! This blog will be all about my hiking adventures! I am working on hiking the entire Ice Age Trail in segments, so a lot of the blog will be about that, but there will be posts about other places that I hike.

The Ice Age Trail is currently 1122.9 miles, but the mileage changes every year. I started in June of this year and hope to be done in 1.5 – 2 years. There’s no need to rush though, it’s a lot of fun to have something to work towards!

The Ice Age Trail is a national scenic trail that travels through Wisconsin and follows the general edge of the last glacier. The trail is not complete, there is over 600 miles of marked trail and 500 miles of connecting routes.  For more information visit the Ice Age Trail Alliance website

All the pictures are of different blazes found along the trail.

I like this blaze because you can see the entire trail and what counties it goes through.

This is an older blaze, it has the trail segment name on it.


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